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HMS Bounty Crew List 1787 - Mutiny On The Bounty






1787 - 1790






This list contains the 46 crew and officers of the HMS Bounty when it left England in 1787 under the command of Captain Bligh.


The events of the voyage are well known. After the mutiny, nine crew members went on to Pitcairn Island, sixteen were left in Tahiti and 18 sailed with Captain Bligh on his epic voyage.


The nine to Pitcairn were; ADAMS, BROWN, CHRISTIAN, MARTIN, McCOY, MILLS, QUINTAL, WILLIAMS and YOUNG. Descendants of many of these are now resident on Norfolk Island.


* = Mutineer 
+ = Loyalist detained by the mutineers.




The Crew


John Adams - Also sailed as Alexander Smith *


Captain William Bligh  -  Commander


William Brown  -  Gardener's Assistant*


Thomas Burkett  -  Able Seaman*


Michael Byrn  -  Able Seaman +


Fletcher Christian  -  Master's Mate*


 Charles Churchill  -  Master-At-Arms


William Cole  -  Boatswain


Joseph Coleman  -  Armourer +


Thomas Ellison  -  Able Seaman*


William Elphinstone  -  Master's Mate


John Fryer  -  Master


Thomas Hall  -  Ship's Cook


John Hallet  -  Midshipman


Thomas Hayward  -  Midshipman


Peter Heywood  -  Midshipman*


Henry Hilbrant  -  Cooper*


Thomas Huggan  -  Surgeon


Robert Lamb  -  Butcher


Lawerence Lebogue  -  Sail maker


Thomas Denman Ledward  -  Surgeon's Assistant


Peter Linkletter  -  Quartermaster


Isacc Martin  -  Able Seaman*


William McCoy  -  Able Seaman*


Thomas McIntosh  -  Carpenter's Mate +


John Mills  -  Gunner's Mate*


John Millward  -  Able Seaman*


James Morrison  -  Boatswain's Mate*


William Muspratt  -  Cook's Assistant*


David Nelson  -  Gardener


Charles Norman  -  Carpenter's Mate +


John Norton  -  Quartermaster


William Peckover  -  Gunner


William Purcell  -  Carpenter


Matthew Quintal  -  Able Seaman*


John Samuel  -  Captain's Clerk


George Simpson  -  Quartermaster's Mate


Richard Skinner  -  Able Seaman*


John Smith  -  Captain's Servant


Alexander Smith  -  Able Seaman*


George Stewart  -  Midshipman


John Sumner  -  Able Seaman*


Mathew Thompson  -  Able Seaman*


Robert Tinkler  -  Midshipman


James Valentine  -  Able Seaman


John Williams  -  Able Seaman*


Edward Young  -  Midshipman




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