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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Malkie Woodland

The Slow


Malkie Promoting

Personally I am surprised Malkie can even read, unbelievable! 20 hours into Malkie's epic pre-detox binge drinking night, he came across He did not seem happy folks.....His stream quickly turned into further turmoil, as the mods probably banned around 96.9% of their audience for asking simple questions in regards to the situation. Check this out....

Malkie Woodland Movie Star


Malkie - Fight Club

On Malkie's pre detox binge drinking stream, he kindly took us for a grand tour of his property. We quickly learned that he pretty much has a front yard that is identical to the TV show Sanford and Son. Also his shed looks as though it was constructed during the mid 1840's. Great work Malkster.

Malkie Woodland Gates Of Hell

Vanessa really deserves a ceremony or medal of honor for residing in the same house as this guy. Speaking of Vanessa, she decided to contact Malkie during the 24 hour binge drinking saga shit stream.

Vanessa Texts

Vanessa is similar to a really horrific case of herpes. You may think she's gone, but no she just keeps on reappearing.

Malkie Table Head Smash

The price of being a famous Youtuber, a downfall documented daily due to Malkie's choices. The motorcycle burnouts created toxic carbon dioxide, which I feel killed the remaining brain cell he had.

Malkie text messages

Malkie Received some bad news from an unknown male. Yikes! Apparently this man did the nasty with Vanessa and wants to make sure Malkie knows about it. This is getting to be some heavy shit.

A toothless idiot

Malkie loves to let off steam. Whether it be riding his motorcycle indoors, wielding a chainsaw in one hand, or smashing his house up because of his diseased riddled chat of scum. As the stream went on he bad mouthed Salty Souls and became paranoid of a possible gang war.

Chainsaw In The Living Room
Malkie typically drills his door shut

Malkie may have watched the classic film Rambo one too many times. He revealed his house is setup with cameras, traps and that he is armed with a hatchet and chainsaw. You can't make this shit up!

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