Clarence Anglin's Prison Cell

On June 13, 1962, Cell 152 in B Block, Alcatraz prison, was entered for the purpose of searching the cell. This cell was formerly occupied by Subject CLARENCE ANGLIN. Upon entering the cell, immediately to the right is the cot or bed assigned the prisoner. The cell was noted to be 5 feet wide and 9 feet long. Lying on the bed with a head just inside the bars was the dummy bead left in such a manner to represent a prisoner asleep. An examination of this head disclosed that it had been primarily made of material resembling sheeting and taped together forming a pad approximately 3 inches to 4 Inches thick and about 8 inches in diameter. One side of this dummy head was covered with a heavy soap material which enabled the facial features of a human to be molded and this, in turn, was painted in general flesh color tones. This head was complete even to the detail of an ear, which had a hole where it should be. This ear, however, had either been jarred loose and laid there by the prisoner or some other individual. The hair on this head appeared to be human hair and was dark in color. A small section of sheeting was draped over the top part of the head as though to protect it from draft through the cell bars. The head was faced toward the cell opening. The "body" was covered by a white navy blanket and sheet which had been drawn up to the chin. Six blankets had been rolled or wadded in a manner to make up a "body" and the lower left leg was made up of the lower portion of a man's long underwear. The head was resting on two pillows. At the foot of the bed lying on the floor between the bed and the toilet was a section of simulated wall containing the simulated grill. The simulated grill and wall section measured 15 inches in length by 10 inches in height, and had been painted green to match the paint on the lower portion of the cell wall.

Also under the bed was a six to eight ounce square bottle containing green paint of the type used on the lower portion of the cell walls. With reference to the artists hard board mentioned above, this was determined to have been a section of a product known as "Blue Boy Brand 1," , which is issued in sheets and is basically used in art work. A long length of brown twine was observed under the cot. This twine led Into the adjoining cell by being passed outside the bars and into the adjoining cell, where it had been secured to the foot of the bed of the prisoner (JOHN ANGLIN) in the next cell, and was apparently used as a signaling device between the two prisoners.

Included is a list of items found in Clarence Anglin's Cell:

A dummy head, left side of face, black hair, eyebrows and eyelashes of simulated flesh color. Simulated ventilator grill made of cardboard and soap, ten inches wide, seven inches deep, painted cell colored green. Piece of scrap iron, pointed and approximately eight inches long, found under bed. Three hack saw blades, six inches long, found under bed. Rand McNally Road Atlas of United States, Canada and Mexico, pages eleven through sixteen inclusive, missing. One one inch paint brush, Delta number 1465XX. One piece of hooked metal approximately nine inches long, pointed and one-quarter inches square. One home-made chisel, six inches long, taped handle. Three table utensils approximately five inches long with, sharpened edge. One partially used roll of black adhesive tape.

Numerous broken spoon handles, homemade flash light and an electric cord. A couple of pieces of steel about seven inches long. An electric motor which had been taken from a

vacuum cleaner and a tin part for this motor.

Wanted Clarence Anglin