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Malkie Woodland...Hair!?


"The Animal"


Malkie Saggy Tits

I recently came across Youtuber Malcolm Woodland. Who? A cross eyed man with one eye and one brain cell. Quite possibly the most authentic IRL streamer I have come across in a long time. Cape Breton's own psychopath. Just see for yourself.....!!

Malkie The Pretend Biker....

When Malkie isn't causing chaos on Youtube, he works as a chimney man and apparently is horrible at his job. He also pretends he is a biker.

Malkie's Boyfriend & Him
You can't make this up...

Malkie Woodland at work.

The Chimney Man
Malkie The Drunk

Malkster Relapse!

Malkie's Poor Reviews
Poor Malkie Wants Donos
Ruh Roh

Mookie Escapes

Malkie's Cat, Mookie, that has tried to escape multiple times, we are happy to announce he has finally escaped hell. Rumored to be somewhere in the Bahamas. Malkie is not happy....


That is one ugly woman...

Do not let this man near your chimney.

An article I found which may explain the origins


"The Animal"

The Sydney man charged with beating a man with a baseball bat last week was in court Thursday morning. 30-year-old John Thomas Dermoddy was supposed to have a bail hearing. He is charged with assaulting a woman last month in an unconnected incident. But Dermoddy waived his right to the hearing in provincial court this morning. He will be back in court in two weeks. That's when he will also enter pleas on charges of assault, assault causing bodily harm and assault with a weapon. Dermoddy was arrested after a standoff with police in downtown Sydney last week. Police charged him after Malkie Woodland was viciously beaten with a baseball bat. Woodland was airlifted to Halifax, listed in serious condition.

The One Eyed Animal


The Cringe Biker