1962 Alcatraz Escapees Drowned?

Article From 15th Of June, 1962, four days after the famous breakout that occurred on the 11th Of June 1962.

SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -Fredi T. Wilkinson, assistant director of the federal prison system, said today that he believes the three men who escaped from Alcatraz Prison Monday night have drowned. "It would take an athlete to make such a swim,” Wilkinson said.

“The only swimming those fellas were accustomed to was in the little old creeks in the swamps of Florida and Louisiana.” Wilkinson, who came here from Washington to investigate the escape, said “the tides and winds that night were strong. The convicts were not the athletic type."

Meanwhile, 300 men were participating in an FBI-directed search for the three men, who used "all purpose" prison spoons to dig their way out of their cells. The search, which so far has yielded no indication whether the three succeeded in their escape or drowned in San Francisco Bay.

Described as the biggest Justice Department manhunt in the history of the West. Army troops completed a thorough search Thursday of the woods and abandoned government buildings on nearby Angel Island, without finding any trace of the fugitives.

John William Anglin, 32. Montgomery. Ala., his brother, Clarence, 31, and Frank L. Morris, 35. New Orleans. If the three got away alive, they would be the first to break out of "The Rock” since Alcatraz became a federal civilian prison in 1934.

Alcatraz 1962 Escapees