Tallship Chronicles 2001 Canadian TV show.

Sadly for the Captain and their crew, they had no idea that they would be taking a detour to the worlds very isolated Pitcairn Islands. Our story begins at around one o’clock in the morning on March 5

On the 1st of October, 1820, Thursday October Christian was born on the tiny isolated island known as Pitcairn. His grandfather was famed mutineer Fletcher Christian.

How to get to the famous Pitcairn Island. Home to the HMS Bounty Mutineers and their descendants.

The events of the voyage are well known. After the mutiny, nine crew members went on to Pitcairn Island, sixteen were left in Tahiti and 18 sailed with Captain Bligh on his epic voyage.

Shortly before midnight on August 2, 1981, a Panamanian-registered freighter called the Primrose, which was traveling in heavy seas between Bangladesh and Australia with a cargo of poultry feed, ran aground on a coral reef in the Bay of Bengal.

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