Check out the Boothill Graveyard burial list. Pictures included!

It will be remembered the the Bismark Tribune sent a special correspondent with Gen. Terry, who was the only professional correspondent with the expedition.

Whitey Bulger paid for the funeral of one of Alcatraz prison's most infamous inmates, Clarence Carnes. Carnes was the youngest prisoner ever sent to the infamous Alcatraz, where Bulger also served time for bank robbery in the 1960's. Carnes, better known as "The Choctaw Kid", was the sole survivor of the prison's deadliest escape attempt, the "1946 Blast out," which resulted in seven deaths.

Believing he had no surviving relatives, prison officials buried him i...

On Friday, October 21, 1921, Breezy, who had recently finished filming The Fox (1921) with Harry Carey...

2001 documentary, "Young and the dead". This documentary covered Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

In 1937, having just been released from San Quentin State Prison after serving five years for grand theft and securities fraud, 36-year-old Jules Roth arrived at the cemetery probably to visit his parents, who were entombed there.

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